Sean David Morton

Sean David Morton had his first visions as a child when he predicted the death of a man that was like a second father to him, astronaut and American hero Command Pilot Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom. Gus, one of the original Mercury Astronaut, thought by many to be picked to be the first man on the moon, was tragically burned alive with fellow astronauts Edward H. White and Roger Chaffee during a routine ground systems check on the Apollo 1 spacecraft. All three men were close family friends.

He formed The Prophecy Research Institute and began publication of his award winning "DELPHI ASSOCIATES NEWSLETTER" in March, 1993. This began a spectacular run of 16 years of continuous publication, and a stunning string of successful future predictions in print. He also became the number one guest on the number one late night radio show in the world, COAST TO COAST AM with ART BELL and later with GEORGE NOORY.

Sean David Morton's stunningly accurate predictions of future events in his books, lectures and monthly "Delphi Associates Newsletter ", the # 1 publication of its kind in America, in continuous publicaiton since 1993, have brought him international recognition as one of America's premiere futurists, projective economists, intuitive healers, researchers and spiritual teachers. He has been the director of THE PROPHECY RESEARCH INSTITUTE since 1992.

His bestselling, and fabulously well reviewed and critically acclaimed novel "BLACK SERAPH" is currently climbing up the AMAZON and national sales charts. Sean, one of the pioneers of Remote Viewing, Coast to Coast AM radio host ART BELL has called him "America's Prophet...Frighteningly accurate" and "My all time favorite guest!" Sean's insight, visions, intensity of information and wonderful sense of humor in his exhaustive extended workshops have brought in sellout crowds, and made him the number one most popular speaker everywhere he goes.

Sean first came to national recognition with his deadly accurate predictions of the 1989 San Francisco, '92 Landers, '94 Northridge and '95 Kobe, Japan earthquakes. Then for his investigations into Area 51, filming it for the first time and putting it on the front page of the LA TIMES, pulling it out of the shadows and turning it into a worldwide phenomenon. Since then the sheer documented and proven accuracy of his predictions have been nothing short of astounding.

Sean is an award winning independent film maker and has been a reporter/writer/producer for STRANGE UNIVERSE, HARD COPY, SIGHTINGS and Geroldo Rivera's NOW IT CAN BE TOLD. He has written, produced and/or appeared on, CONSPIRACY ZONE with Kevin Nealon, BEST KEPT SECRETS, DESTINATION:EARTH, SIGHTINGS, ENCOUNTERS, ANCIENT PROPECHIES, MYSTERIES, MAGIC AND MIRACLES, THE OTHER SIDE, PARANORMAL BORDERLINE, MONTEL WILLAMS, VICKI, HARD COPY and has been the #1 guest for 17 years on COAST TO COAST AM.