Niraj Naik

A pill popper who also dispensed them as well for a living, Niraj Naik found his life spiraling out of control however. Unimaginable stress lead him to depression and a serious bout of ulcerative colitis, a very debilitating disease. Niraj had forsaken his music roots for a seemingly comfortable career in pharmacy. But the absence of inner peace was literally killing him.

Until he said enough! Niraj began to pursue a path of healing that led him not only back to his music roots, but also to the discovery of his alpha mind.

Research led Niraj to uncover the finding that due to our busy lives we tend to operate in a beta mind state. Although very necessary for day to day functioning, staying in beta for too long can cause a host of problems such as stress related diseases, anxiety and even depression. The alpha mind however, is a natural state allowing more flow and relaxation.

Today, the 30 something year old has not only healed himself, but is helping thousands of others as well with his knowledge of Ayurveda, nutrition and the development of a sound therapy meditation series he has tagged, The Alpha Mind System. The Alpha Mind System is a personal empowerment program designed to help reach peak alpha brainwave states whenever needed, giving the mind a much needed recharge and refresh. A musician, meditation coach and online marketing expert, Niraj Naik has now entirely rebuked the pharmaceutical industry and traded in his pills for headphones! He is empowering others to do the same.

Niraj went on to develop and build the Alpha Mind System as a step-by-step program that teaches not only newbie's, but also aids veteran meditators how to effortlessly reach an alpha state of consciousness. The alpha state is a scientifically proven state of mind where the brain is in a heightened and receptive mental state. This mental state has been associated with increased well-being, intensified creativity, inspiration, relaxation and peak performance.

The Alpha Mind System is quickly becoming one of the most popular life transforming programs on the internet today. Created together by Niraj and his team of world-renowned scientists, musicians and physicians, with just 15 minutes a day, the system successfully fosters stress reduction, increased mind power, productivity, creativity and even intelligence.