Marilyn Alauria

Marilyn Alauria is a psychic medium, constantly humbled and in awe by this work that she has chosen to do.

Her first psychic experience was at the age of five. She sat in the bedroom while her parents hid my Easter gifts. When she was finally allowed to come out, she went straight to the living room curtains to find her doll and then immediately to the cabinet beneath the TV to retrieve her basket.

Her family was amazed and thought she had cheated. She was a good Catholic girl and it was Easter Sunday, no way! As she sat in the bedroom waiting, she saw it all clearly, everything from the color of the cellophane around the basket, to the box and color of the doll’s hair. That was the beginning.

She sought help from many different resources in order to understand herself better. Much of what she learned in those classes, lectures and sessions has helped her to go deeper in her gifts as a medium and bring across clear, specific messages for her clients.

She realized she needed to learn why she saw visions that didn’t always make sense and why spirits kept appearing to her.

During these psychic studies, she was amazed by the amount of healing that had taken place in as little as 15 minutes. Through her readings people felt better about their lives and where they were headed.

She has spent years dedicated to working on herself so when someone sits in front of her she is able to understand them.

This work is about integrity for her and she holds it in the highest regard. Her goal is to see her clients succeed, living happy, fulfilling lives because they are able to get the information they need from within.