MarBeth Dunn

MarBeth Dunn, known as “The Joy to Abundance Strategist” lives in South Florida, and works with people all over the world by phone and Skype.

An intuitive, empath, and clairsentient, she teaches people how to create and live empowered, joy-filled lives by tapping into their Body Wisdom and extra-sensory abilities.

MarBeth is a master of energy and the subtle realities, a spiritual teacher for over 25 years, a Kundalini Yoga instructor and Life Empowerment Coach™.

She facilitates healing by helping people release their hurts, losses, limiting beliefs, and energetic blockages, quickly and easily, and shows them how to effectively use the Quantum Field and the Laws of the Universe to create new realities.

A popular international speaker, MarBeth is a mentor, coach, workshop leader, and radio talk show host.

She can be heard weekly on The Great Metamorphosis on the Law of Attraction Radio Network. She is Chief Promotions Officer for the I Am Biz Group and is on the Faculty of the I Am Group University.