Rev. Dr. Louis Gates

Rev. Dr. Louis Gates was born in Niskayuna, New York in 1952.  His mother’s side of the family were mediums and psychics going back some five generations in his family. He knew at the age of three years old that he could see spirit.

He has found out over the years that he carries all the psychic gifts. He found that he can see, sense and hear spirit.  He has been gifted by God with objective clairvoyance that lets him see spirit as though they are in the room with him.

As a medium it is his purpose to prove beyond all doubt that the human soul continues to live after physical death and that the separation we feel when a loved one dies is only temporary.

The character and personality that made your loved ones who they were in life is still very much alive and well in the world of spirit. One day when we make this inevitable journey ourselves, they will be there to greet you. There is nothing to fear in death, it is a very simple and natural.

When you are consumed with the grief of losing a loved one and are feeling lost and confused in the maze of life, spiritual comfort and communication can give you the power to cope and the upliftment you need to move forward.

The most amazing aspect of being a medium for Dr. Gates was losing the fear of death completely, a truth that he hopes to share with as many people as he can. There is no death; there is no end, only eternal progress open to every human soul... Your loved ones wait to greet you and they send Love to you

When his father passed away, he knew he would be killed by a car that day - but there was nothing that he could do to change the outcome. After his passing he had him cremated with his wedding ring -  a month later he went to a séance and heard his father's voice say, "Hold out your hand" - and out fell his wedding ring.

He has been able to reunite people with their loved ones and to help them find a spiritual path within. He has helped find people, pets and things that have been lost, and to help the ones that are looking. He has found that his path in this lifetime is to help reunite loved ones from the spirit world to loved ones here. He is also here to help heal and to help guide you on your path to a happier life and to spiritual awareness in this world.