Kenji Kumara

Kenji Kumara, is a Japanese-American born in Berkeley, CA and serves as a bridger between worlds, initiator and catalyst for quantum states of Being and a messenger and visionary for the New Earth consciousness. "Are you eagerly ready to consciously experience the full expression of Eternal Peace in every quantum moment, cell and particle of Being"and to have conscious union with Source and be your service to Humanity? 

He has dedicated his life to assisting those that are now ready who desire to experience a deeper connection with unconditional love and allowance. He is committed to bringing forth the very best of the ancient teachings, in simplicity, humor and lightness of being. Kenji does not consider himself a healer, teacher or master - he is what he is and allows everyone else to be who they are, and his role is to bring out the best in others and to see them in their highest light and being-ness. His specialty is vibrational energy medicine and spiritual awakening. He has been in the consciousness and healing arts field since 1970 and holds degrees in Psychology and Education and certifications in Medical Hypnotherapy and spiritual healing.

He is the founder and CEO of Quantum Lightweaving LLC and offers his unique and fascinating quantum work through live activation events and intensives, phone and in person empowerment sessions.  He offers advanced teachings through his live recordings. His vision is to build a retreat training center for world leaders and to publish his "Guidebook For the Quantum Way-Shower".