Jennifer Longmore

By age 25, given Jennifer's exposure to spiritual dimensions, marginalized groups, and every form of child maltreatment possible, she had moved into a higher level of her healing awareness and abilities.  There is little that you could tell her that would surprise her.

And now, this is one of the main gifts that she has to offer... a safe space for YOU to share anything with her, knowing that she is not going to judge or shame you.  She will hold a true sacred space of unconditional love, acceptance, inspiration and empowerment for you during your sacred time with her.

She knows for certain that on her own soul’s journey, she needed to accumulate extensive knowledge in universal truth, child maltreatment, trauma, inequality, dis-ease and healing so that she could empower YOU through the service that she offers now: permanently healing the past, powerfully aligning to your soul’s purpose, illuminating YOUR divine gifts and talents, and expanding you into YOUR divine essence so that you may be who you really, really are!

She spent years dulling her light so that others would not feel uncomfortable around her, so she can relate to the various reasons that you may feel the need to dull your light as well.

Over time, through her own healing journey, she realized that YOU benefit when she illuminates her light because this empowers and inspires YOU to do the same.

As a result of living a purpose-filled journey, she has experienced many, many blessings including deep fulfillment, deep spiritual connections, boundless joy, crystal clarity and abundance on all levels!!!

SHE IS thriving in alignment with the most joyous, expansive, abundant path!

She is here to partner with you to powerfully create this with YOU!