Harrison Klein

Harrison Klein has been called the masters master, as well as the world's leading transformational and "I AM" identity master.

He is a transformational "Being" Expert and Metaphysical Luminary specializing in the alignment laws of the universe and their applications for greater awareness, intuition, wealth, enlightened consciousness, action, thought and effectiveness.

A former university instructor, marketing director, personal growth entrepreneur, leadership and business development coach since 1992 he has been a prominent media personality and face on the internet, radio and live event spiritual and science scene for years.

He has worked with world thought leaders, CEO's, entrepreneurs, politicians, doctors, lawyers, healers, athletes and celebrities. His spiritual teachings have helped positively inspire and change the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide and he has been globally recognized in articles, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and award winning films.

He is board member and founder of multiple global organizations and businesses including The World United Inc., The 1st World Spiritual Parliament, The Council on International Leadership, The Evolutionary Business Council, The I AM Group, and The Masters Gathering.

Harrison's message is the continuous unfoldment of unconditional love through deliberate desire, decision, awareness, insight, intention, purpose, play, and specific consciousness elevations and he lives that purpose wholly.

He has been a teacher, marketing director and entrepreneur since 1992. He has led teams as President and CEO of five super-successful businesses.

He is an active coach and his 6 course series entitled The I AM Effect, Effortless Abundance and Mastery 1-6 are designed to bring the subconscious, conscious and superconscious into perfect alignment thus ending stress, increasing awareness and making manifestation and life easy, natural and effortless.

He develops information and popular products around the leading edge of the spiritual, metaphysical and coaching industry as well as speaks at and produces events for the Personal Growth, Wealth and Development.