GP Walsh

GP Walsh is a Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Workshop Leader, Master Coach. Master Meditation Teacher and a recognized EFT Expert.

He has been teaching, coaching, innovating and healing for over 30 years and has touched thousands of people with his irreverent humor, his bold assertions, his contradictions of conventional wisdom and his unyielding compassion.

Nicknamed “The Irreverent Sage” he has been called a prophet, a wise man, a sage, a rebel, a spiritual misfit, a trouble maker and a few things less nice.

With a rare honesty, a biting wit, the timing of a comedian, and insights that can make your head spin, GP has the unique ability to take the most arcane, ambiguous and impenetrable life teachings and bring them into language that anyone can understand.

Intensely curious about spiritual things as a young boy combined with an abusive and neglectful homelike inspired in him a deep desire to understand the soul and alleviate suffering.

A watershed experience at age 19 altered his path forever and revealed to him what he has since attempted to make plain to others.