Frank Moffatt

Frank Moffatt is an international best-selling author, motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and founder of YSF Industries.

Frank was born September 5, 1954 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Frank has always enjoyed working with and helping others and began coaching at the early age of 13. His first coaching opportunity was to coach Saturday morning house league hockey for boys six (6) years of age and younger. Through his life he has continued to coach various levels of hockey, baseball and soccer teams. Many of which won local and regional championships.

Even Frank’s children became international best selling recording artists – The Moffatts. Today Frank spends his time writing books, speaking and coaching to inspire others to be all they can be.

In his best-selling book, Your Second Fifty, Frank Moffatt tackles self-limiting beliefs and dispels unhealthy myths about aging.

Let Frank be your guide as he shows you how to make the most of your remaining years, and experience an ideal balance in your five dimensions - mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual. YSF is a growing, vibrant community - committed to truth, education and self-improvement.