Christopher Tims

It’s been said that Christopher Tims makes people’s dreams come true. A true master teacher and guide, Christopher is here to remind us of our own Divine nature, and the abundance of the Universe that we are.

By helping us redefine our world view, Christopher guides us toward the experience of Oneness, resulting in a richly fulfilled life.

The answer to all of our questions, and the solution to all of our problems, is always Oneness, God, Sacred Unity, our own Divine Nature-- whatever you choose to call it. And Christopher, himself an embodiment of this universal truth, is your expert and experienced guide to this Spiritual Frontier.

He will walk with you as you explore, teaching you and reminding you of who you really are-- ultimately freeing you to live the life of your dreams; the life that you were born to live.

Highly clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood, Christopher feels that these and other abilities, while blessed gifts, are merely byproducts of the union with the one Source that we are all a part of and inseparable from.

Christopher teaches that it's natural for all of us to directly experience Sacred Unity, as he guides us to the Oneness that rests within each of us. As we experience Sacred Unity, life unfolds as a dream fulfilled and as hope realized.

Understanding the paramount importance of nourishing the Divine within us, and knowing that the ultimate Healer is already present within each of us, Christopher has constructed a foundational blueprint for a healthy life.

The spokes in the wheel of life such as Ancient texts, World religions, healing and vibrant health have their beginning and their ending in Oneness. What Christopher shares in The Eternal Teachings comes from both direct perception and experiences.