Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn

The Success Transformation

Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn bring decades of dedication, wisdom, and depth of insight to their transformational Human Design readings, and coaching sessions.

Human Design is a highly impactful system that reveals your life and being in remarkable detail. It is the essential tool for self-awareness, personal mastery, and business success in our current times.

As the author of the first major book on the subject, “Human Design, Discover the Person You were Born to Be”, Chetan has read for thousands of people worldwide.

His partner, Carola Eastwood, is a gifted Intuitive Reader and Life Transformation Coach, and together, they offer in-depth personal readings, mentoring, and multiple live-streamed classes in Human Design for those who wish to create more success than they ever imagined possible.

Working with Carola and Chetan shows you how to create a life filled with inspiration, clarity and deep fulfillment.