Bill Farber

For over 20 years, through his simple and profound energy work, Bill Farber has offered thousands of sessions to people around the world which measurably increased their alignment in all areas of life.

In 1971 he experienced a transformative shift within himself. His energy improved, his mind became clearer and his self-confidence increased.  He entered law school, graduated cum laude and achieved a management position with the nation’s largest title insurance company.

Although Bill was a successful and prosperous attorney, his meditation practice had opened his awareness to another dimension of possibilities that lay beyond our common daily experiences.

In 1989 he was introduced to the concept of energy healing through the study of Chi Gong with a renowned Chinese Master. He then completed training in Reiki Energy Healing and became an instructor and Reiki Master.  He also discovered that he had a profound gift for not only healing but medical intuition.

For the past nineteen years, Bill has given thousands of healing sessions to clients from all over the world who consistently report that they experience results far beyond what they had anticipated.

“My greatest reward in this work is seeing a client shift from feeling stressed, lost, or ill to feeling strong, clear and healthy. I also love working with people whose lives are going well but who want to experience even greater fulfillment and passion in their lives.  I help them release the impediments that are holding them back.  What I do doesn’t require the client to believe in me or even the work—so skeptics are welcomed.  They just have to be open enough to try something new.”

Bill has the ability to generate a profound state of peace and silence within the body and nervous system of the client, thus automatically creating a higher state of alignment in which the client’s own natural healing powers are accessed and amplified.

Bill also offers remarkably simple and effective tools to, once the alignment is created, support clients in powerfully transforming their personal and professional lives. Many people report extraordinary results after only one session.