Andy Shaw

Andy Shaw went into business at the ripe old age of 23, and then spent 11 years figuring how to get rich, whilst building a business with well over 100 people in it.

 He got fed up trying & getting nowhere so became a multi-millionaire investing in property in under seven months... had a truly fantastic time for 7 years, owned stacks of stuff including loads of Supercars and some unbelievable experiences... still apparently the best selling UK author on Property Investing.

He became fascinated with doing business online and worked on various niche product launches, doing multi-million pound launches and always selling out in seconds not hours

He became fascinated with learning marketing and became fascinated about health and nutrition after losing over 140 lbs.

His life was going great… he had developed multiple businesses all around the Property niche.

The credit crunch stopped that niche cold.  He was back to square one...  BANKRUPT.

He realized he had lost control of my mind and went on a very, very enlightening journey and fully regained control and his ability to create with just thought again.

Andy has just finished writing 2 new books called "Creating A Bug Free Mind” & “Using A Bug Free Mind" which are all about mindset and how to design your life.

He did a soft launch of the book late last year.  The launch sold out and the testimonials were nothing short of inspiring.

Now Andy is mainly doing private launches and taking the books off sale in between, and developing amazing software to go with them, with which he intends to change the world.